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Short Game Academy

Learn the Linear Method and take your short game to the next level. Did you know that the short game makes up over 60% of the total number of shots taken during a round of golf. How many scorecards have been destroyed thanks to poor chips and missed putts. Its time to take action. The Linear Method is an exciting new way of playing pitch, bunker and chip shots into the green. Its exciting because its far easier and more consistant then the traditional technique which we were all thought for many years. The Linear Method focuses on the rotation of the body and using the bounce and the loft of a wedge, as it was designed to be used. No more thinning, duffing, topping or scopping. Just crisp accurate pitch shots and the best bunker shots you have ever hit. Last year I ran the Short Game Academy, which was a great success. This year I intend to run it again, beginning in April and running through to September. The Short Game Academy consists of the following: 6 One hour group coaching sessions (Max 8 per group) 20% Off all individual golf lessons taken in 2013 Free wedge assesment 10% Reduction on any wedge or putter purchased in the Pro-Shop throughout 2013 Total Cost:€50.00 per person You will also receive a short game handicap and the top ten most improved will go through to a short game shootout towards the end of the year. The shootout for last year will take place later this month. Those who qualified will be notified of the date and time in the coming days. Contact us on 045-889729 to book your place. Limited places. Don't delay and miss the opportunity to knock strokes of that handicap.    

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